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Loving God and Neighbor

Prairie View United Methodist Church

Prairie View Church is a unique community of faith and we exist to

make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

We do so by growing in our love of God and neighbor, reaching new people,

and offering healing and hope to a broken world.

All are welcome to come worship with us at 10 am Sunday mornings

to truly see how God is at work in this place!

The story of how we became


Prairie View United Methodist Church

The Prairie View church has a rich and unique history. The four struggling rural churches of the Custer/Fall River Larger Parish nearly a decade go dared to dream big dreams, taking a huge risk joining together as one worshiping congregation. With the merger they built a new building on the prairie in the hopes to continue to live out their calling to grow in love of God and neighbor, reach new people and offer healing and hope to a broken world. Worshiping together for the first time in their new location Easter Sunday in 2010, they witnessed the Holy Spirit at work in real and mighty ways. The Holy Spirit is still moving as new people continue to connect here and all people continue to grow in love relationship with God and one another.

The church family at Prairie View would be honored to have you stop on by be it for a first Saturday Breakfast, Worship at 10 am Sunday mornings or for a stroll through the bell garden! Come see how God is at work and how you can be apart of what Big Dream we might embark on next!

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